Training Your Goldendoodle Puppy to Sit, Stay and Come

Learning how to sit, stay and come are the three most important commands your Goldendoodle puppy will learn. Your puppy should be taught these obedience commands as soon as it knows its name. Knowing these will help it to both be well mannered and for safety.

This guide will be broken down into three parts. The first part will focus on the best way to teach how to sit, the second part will teach how to stay and in the final section you will learn how to train your Goldendoodle puppy to come when it is called.

As with all training, because puppies have a very short attention span, remember to keep the sessions short, 5-10 minutes at the most. Also, you need to have patience and be consistent with your training. Work at it every day and always keep it positive. Obedience training should be a fun and bonding experience for the both of you. It is important your puppy looks forward to this time.

How to Teach the “Sit” Command

Make sure you have a pocket full of small pieces of treats you will offer as a reward for a job well done.

It is best to do this in an area that is quiet and there are no distractions.

Stand so you are facing your puppy and hold a piece of treat in front of its nose. Allow your pup to start nibbling on the treat. As your puppy is nibbling slowly raise your hand until it is just out of reach.

Now, to get the treat your puppy will have to raise its head and shoulders and the hind end should naturally lower. As soon as a sitting position is reached you should say the word “Sit”. Then offer praise and give your puppy another piece of a treat. Continue to do this over and over again.

If your puppy’s bottom does not lower to the ground you can help a little by gently touching its back and coaxing the behind down. You can say “Sit” while doing this. Do not force it. Keep repeating the process.

As your puppy progresses, continue this process but do it in areas where there at first a few distractions and then more and more.

How to Teach the “Stay” Command

Teaching your puppy to stay is the next logical obedience command that follows.

While your puppy is in the “Sit” position and you have given a treat put your open palm out in front of its face and say “Stay”. If it stays in a seated position for few seconds praise your puppy and reward with a treat. If your puppy moves, have it sit first, then repeat the stay command and hand action.

Only reward with praise and a treat when your pup stays in one place for a few seconds. If it does not stay do not punish or show frustration—just do not offer a reward or praise and start over.

The next step is to take a single step away and have your puppy remain in the “Stay” position. Repeat over and over again. Progress by adding a few more steps away and expect a longer and longer time to sit in the “Stay” position. Be sure to reward with praise and treats after each success.

As with the other training sessions you should do this in areas where the distractions are slight at first and then continue to increase gradually.

Eventually your puppy should be able to sit and stay for several minutes while you are standing at a distance.

How to Teach the “Come” Command

Once you have taught “Sit” and “Stay”, it is time for your puppy to learn the “Come” command. Teaching this command should come easily for a sitting Goldendoodle puppy.

After your pup has been in the sit and stay position for the period of time you want say this command in an enthusiastic voice. When you are ready call out “Come” and hold a treat out in front of you. In most cases your puppy will eagerly come to you to retrieve the new treat. Praise your puppy and give it the treat. It is a good idea that you train your pup to sit again when it comes to you.

If your dog gets up and runs to you without first hearing the come command, say ‘No’. Give it no treat or praise and have it return to the spot and start over with sit and stay. Do not be mean or harsh, just firm. Especially, do not show or become frustrated. Your puppy will sense this and it will cause confusion.

As before, start this in an area free of distractions and continue the training in areas where the distractions progressively increase. Eventually you should be able to leave the room, so you are not even within eye sight of your Goldendoodle puppy and it will stay until you call out the “Come” command.

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Begin to teach the dog to remain seated by teaching the sit for attention (watch me) exercise very early in the training process. Have multiple tiny treats.

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Start with easy commands like “sit” and “stay”. Usually, the general guideline is to start formal training at four to six months of age.

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Stay: Have your pup sit down. Back away from him a few steps while saying, “Stay!” Then praise him for doing just that. After a split second, reward him.

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Additionally, this is when puppies can begin learning commands like sit and stay. Teach them to sit before exiting with treats. Lure them into a sit by the door.

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The Key to Training Success is You!… Spend as much time with your puppy as possible during the first two to three weeks your puppy is home. Be consistent.

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In addition to bonding and trust-building, it’s important to establish yourself as “alpha dog” to your pup. Place clear boundaries on your pup’s.

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Basic principles of puppy training:

  • Keep the training sessions brief and take it a step at a time.
  • Choose a location in your home that has relatively few distractions.

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Form A Bond And Gain Trust With Your Doodle. Before you begin any sort of training with your Goldendoodle puppy, you need to form a strong bond.

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It is essential for your goldendoodle to obey basic commands, such as “sit”, “stay”, and “come.” If your dog obeys these instantaneously, you can control it.

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  1. Do Plenty of Research.
  2. Be Prepared.
  3. Form a Bond and Gain Trust With Your Doodle.
  4. Start Obedience Training Your Puppy Immediately.

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For training to stay in a sitting position, stand in front of your sitting Goldendoodle, and show your palm to his face while ordering ‘Stay.’

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Begin with a “sit-stay” by the front door. While standing between your dog and the door, and with only a few inches of slack on the leash, give the wait command.