10 Essential Dog Training Aids and Tools

Whatever the plan you have for your dog, there are several training aids and tools that can make the dog training process a lot easier on the dog owner and the dog itself because these tools will help the pooch understand clearly what is expected of it by the owner.

In this article, we will examine some of the most practical and popular dog training aids and accessories available today.

1. First Aid Kit for Dogs and Pets

A First Aid kit is highly essential for the wellbeing of your beloved pets. Whether during training sessions, hunting or while running around the home or neighborhood, your dog could pick up injuries or potentially deadly germs.

With your own First Aid kit; you can administer the required treatment when such medical emergencies arise before visiting the Vet. A standard kit should be Veterinarian-approved and contain, at the least, a pair of Scissors, antibiotics, splinter removers, tweezers, iodine and some bandages.

Quite a few puppies have been known to have lost lives and limbs due to incidents of treatable infections that were badly managed. Safeguard the life of your dog by having a Dog First Aid Kit handy at all times.

2. Emergency Dog Survival Kit

Like the name implies, this is a unique survival kit for your canines during emergencies.

Imagine if you ran out of dog food in the middle of the night or if the pet store is too far away or maybe even after an earthquake or a flood, well, this kit can sustain your pet till you get supplies.

It has just about everything your canines need to survive the emergency. This emergency dog survival kit is packed with food, water, toys, thermal blankets (to keep the dogs warm), bowls, collars etc.

The food items included in the pack have been hygienically vacuum-sealed with a shelf life of up to FIVE (5) years. If there is a water shortage during the emergency, this survival kit includes water purifiers that will prevent your dog from drinking contaminated water until the situation normalizes.

So no matter the extent of the emergency, you can be rest assured that your dog is covered.

3. Wee Wee Housebreaking Pads

Having problems with potty-training your dog? A quick solution is to use housebreaking pads on your dog.

These housebreaking pads are designed to save you the stress and inconvenience of constantly taking your puppy outside for potty breaks.

They equally help you keep your home odor-free since your dog potties in the pads and even on those occasions where you are away from your home, you will have no apprehension about your dog having peed all over your furniture once you’ve strapped them with a pad.

These pads come in different sizes for different sizes of dogs and are usually good enough for multiple use, thus, saving you the stress of having to change them after each use.

When shopping for house-breaking pads, always consider the degree of absorbency of the brand you settle for since some brands are more absorbent than others.

To get a good bargain, the number of pads inside a single pack of pads is another major consideration.

4. Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar

Do you ever wish you could get your dog to stop barking unnecessarily?

Well, with an anti-bark dog collar, you can painlessly and effortlessly teach your dog to stop barking or performing any other unwanted acts.

There are different anti-bark collars available today but they generally operate based on the same principle.

The collar is attached to the dog’s neck along with a small, battery-powered device which releases small quantities of a harmless substance when the dog starts acting up. This release of this substance from the collar conditions the dog into knowing what its owner wants it to do.

Note that using these collars will not prevent your dog from barking completely. It still permits your dog to bark at appreciably low levels without any liquid being released from the collar as a result.

These collars are small in size and do not, in any way, interfere with the dog’s daily activities and in time, the dog will get used to wearing it.

5. Rechargeable Wireless Dog Training Collar

There are a quite a few dog-behavioral training kits widely available today. There are some dog training tools which utilize small bursts of electric current administered through a neck collar on the dog for the purpose of training it.

If you are concerned about the dog’s safety, be informed that the amount of current delivered by the electronic collar is miniscule and cannot harm the canine.

Alternatively, many electric collar models available today have a vibration mode which vibrates instead of delivering electric shock to the animal.

The vibration mode has proven to be just as effective as the shock mode for behavior modification.

They are usually remotely-controlled and come equipped with an easy-to-read LCD screen, transmitter and receiver.

The water-proof feature is also available on many models of dog training collars and this is particularly useful when you’re out in the rain.

With regular training with this electric collar, your dog will slowly but surely learn and master the desired lesson.

As a general rule, the training sessions should be kept short for the simple fact that the attention span of the average dog is rather short and thus, for optimum effect, sessions should not exceed fifteen to twenty minutes.

6. Rechargeable No-Bark Control Collar

This brand of dog collar was designed to help teach your dog to stop the habit of “nuisance barking”.

It achieves this safely while you get to make the choice of training mode that best suits your dog’s temperament.

In order to help you conserve the battery life of your collar, the rechargeable no bark control collar comes with an automatic shutoff feature.

It has an LCD-monitor display which the adjustable correction levels of the collar and like many other models on the market today, it is waterproof up to a depth of 25 feet in water.

A major advantage of this collar is the fact that it is rechargeable unlike many other dog collars and it has an extended battery life which saves you the hassle of buying and replacing batteries at short intervals.

It also has three different shock levels for you to pick from while most other dog collars have just a single one.

It is very easy to use, as you are provided with a comprehensive user manual and to make it even easier; it is shipped to your doorstep in a pre-assembled state.

7. Pet Dog Potty Training Mat

A nice housebreaking accessory for your pet dog. A tool like this helps keep you home odor-free and it is put together to closely resemble natural grass so that your pet dog can easily potty on it without leaving the house.

Place on your balcony or patio for your dog to handle his business. It’s very easy to clean and maintain for repeated use. Simply rinse out the collection tray beneath the cover mat with soap and you’re go to go.

8. Ultrasonic Dog Training Aid

This nifty tool is a nice dog training accessory that helps teach your dog a wide range of skills.

It’s basically a battery-powered device that sends out an ultrasonic tone which corrects your pet dog when he is doing something wrong.

For instance, if your dog is in the habit of overturning the trash can or rummaging through it, when he is in the act, simply press the device and the ultrasonic sound emitted will grab his attention, interrupt the bad behavior and let him know that you want him to stop the act.

If he continues the act, press the device again until he stops.

This will automatically from the act because he now expects to hear the unpleasant sound from the device each time he attempts the undesired act.

This devise has a long battery life and powers over a wide range depending on the external factors like wind and surrounding noise in the area.

If behavior modification of your dog is your goal, then this tool will help you achieve it in record time.

Your dogs will respond more readily to verbal and non-verbal commands when used along with doggy treats.

This is little tool is equally in controlling a dog’s excessive barking.

9. Thunder Shirt Dog Anxiety Treatment

Some dogs become really anxious during thunderstorms and will not calm down no matter how hard you try to reassure them.

Some of them even get stressed out and very fearful under other circumstances.

The Thunder shirt was specifically designed for this purpose. It has a calming effect on dogs when worn around their bodies.

It works by exerting some amount of pressure on the nervous system of the dog while results in a soothing effect on the overall temperament of the dog.

It is made from a nice, comfortable and durable fabric that can be washed without being damaged. It is also adjustable to suit just about any size of dog.

Many dog owners attest to the fact that has been an improvement in the reaction of their dog during thunderstorms or loud noise from fireworks.

While they may still appear to be anxious, they won’t tremble or pant or hide like they usually do.

There will be a more positive behavior on the part of the dog when those situations arise in future.

10. Ultra Sonic Silent Dog Training Whistle

A silent dog whistle has several advantages over a regular whistle that is loud and clearly audible by all.

First, the silent whistle emits a small, high pitched sound when the whistle is blown. The frequency of the sound made can not be easily heard by humans, except for those standing nearby.

This sound frequency can be detected easily by most dogs and in cases where the dog appears to be oblivious to the sound of the whistle, the screws of most of these silent whistles can be adjusted to a frequency that your dog can indeed hear.

While your dog is resting, blow the whistle to see if the dog can hear the pitch emitted by the whistle.

If it can’t, adjust the screws slightly and blow it again. Adjust the screws until the dog can actually hear the whistle. But be sure to do this in a quiet place so that there will be minimal noise distortions to the sound from the whistle.

Training your dog with a silent whistle helps your dog to understand your voice commands more clearly as the silent whistle will always sound the same no matter the situation unlike the pitch of a human voice which changes from time to time based on our emotions at any given time. E.g. if you are in a cheerful mood and you give voice command, your dog may react in a certain way but if you give the very same command in an angry tone of voice, your dog might be confused as to what is expected of it; all because of the change in your voice.

This issue will not arise with a whistle. Also, if you are in public place, yelling out voice commands can irritate the other people in the vicinity but using a silent whistle, you can instruct your dog without disturbing any casual bystanders.