4 Common Causes of Stress in Dogs

Dogs are energetic furry animals. They love their masters, play with them, cuddle with them and some even let their dogs sleep with them.

They pretty much act and work in a routinely manner too. In fact, they do live in routines and schedule: they know when they should eat, when their masters will come home, when it’s time to poop and things like that.

It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if something’s wrong with your buddy. It only takes a few moments of observation to know that the dog is acting differently. But the question now is why? Why is it that suddenly, your dog is not as energetic and as playful as it used to be?

1. Illness

There are actually a variety of things why dogs suddenly changes their behaviors. One is illness, if your dogs suddenly loss appetite and sulk all day without bothering to greet you; he may be feeling not so well. A trip to a veterinarian is actually the best thing to do. But aside from loss of appetite, your dog may send out signs if he’s sick like vomiting and irregular bowel syndrome.

But sometimes, you dogs also show some signs of apathy and indifference. All of a sudden, you’ll notice that he is not as playful or he won’t even to respond to your call. But as you look into his poop, nothing really changed. He’s not vomiting. He doesn’t really even loss his appetite. But unlike before, he is not as excited about you giving him his supper.

So, what is really wrong with him? Even the veterinarian couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with him; his tests are all good and there’s not even a sign of worms. It is actually something that may be fairly new to some dog owners out there: your dogs might be stressed.

Dogs get stressed out for a variety of reasons just like people do. Of course, they don’t stress about work like people but they do get anxious or sad from little events that are happening in their lives.

2. Sudden Changes in Routine

One of the most common reasons of stress in dogs is sudden changes in routine. He used to feel great because his master always greet him in the morning, takes him for a walk in the afternoon and let him sleep beside him at night.

Then, the dog grows just too big to be sleeping in the bed, so what the owner did was get him his own bed downstairs. For us people, it simply is that way of life, as you get old you need to be independent and have a place of your own. But dogs are not people. They might feel like you no longer want them. And they might feel unloved and uncared for, being left at night all alone.

That is why sometimes, it is better that puppies be trained from the very start to be independent. Provide them their own space and bed; prepare them to be at ease with the whole situation and not change their routine drastically.

3. Lack of Attention

Another reason may be lack of attention or divided attention. People always start with just one dog. Some gets contented with it and stick with the dog for as long as he can. But most dog owners have two or more dogs in the house; and mostly these dogs are not of the same age. They came into your life one at a time; well unless they’re brothers or sisters.

So, the first dog had all the love and attention for the first few years of his life. Then one day, a puppy shows up. Of course, the little guy got the attention because puppies are really like babies and they have all sort of needs. Maybe it is jealousy, envy or maybe it’s the dog’s territorial quality but somehow he will be snarling and barking at the new guy, even if the new guy is in fact the cutest little pup.

The owner now becomes desperate to keep his dog down because it’s frightening the puppy. He will try to scold his dog and discipline him or take him outside for a while.

Now, the dog is left alone outside. Dogs are smart creatures and they know they were kept out in favor of the puppy. The attention now is either taken away or divided. He will, however, get used to it eventually, but for a few days, either he will be too aggressive or be depressed about it.

4. Not Fed or Cleaned Properly

Dogs can get stressed too if not fed properly or cleaned up nicely. Just like people, food, shelter and hygiene are important part of life. Giving your dogs little amount of food or feeding them irregularly during the day might make your dog confused and unhappy.

Hygiene might also make the dogs feel stressed out; it is a fact that poor hygiene may not only cause illnesses but also be prone to fleas and mites infestation. Some dogs stay in and have their own spot, but there are dogs that are staying at the yard. Providing the dogs with a dog house that is too little for them or too dirty to live in would stress him out as well.

Reasons might be endless, as people’s reason for stress goes on and on as well. The key here is this: provide your dogs with whatever you feel that they need and keep them as comfortable as ever. It might lessen the chances of them getting stressed out.

Also, give them love and attention but do train them to be independent as well. If you’re planning to get more pups in the house, make sure you train your dogs to be at ease with other animals. This way, he will be able to accept the changes better since he is already familiar with the situation.

Now, you are ready to know how to tell the dog is stressed.