Essential Accessories for Your New Puppy or Dog

Your new puppy dog is home. You may not know everything that is needed for your new friend to find comfort. You do want the newest member of your family to feel comfortable in his or her new home right?

Relax… because you will soon know what is needed to care for your dog so he or she will grow up healthy, strong and happy. So, what items will your dog need to be happy and feel at home? To start your dog will need a place to sleep such as a dog bed.

Dog Bed

Dogs, like any living thing, need a safe and comfortable place to rest and sleep. You know your home so you should try to place the dog bed in a quiet place in the house, away from the busiest areas. You will also want to make sure that the area is room temperature and in a safe place so your dog will feel at home.

Many new pet owners are tempted to allow the dog to either sleep in the same room or same bed with them. This is not recommended! Just like you dog needs their own space, so do you! The other thing to consider is if the puppy is not fully grown may be cute, but if you brought home a large dog breed, this will be a rough transition to get the dog out of your bed.

Although this is not recommended for a puppy, if your dog is going to be predominately outside, you should put the dog bed in a quiet place for him, plus the location should have an area with a shelter from the sun, cold or rain. The best solution in these cases is a dog house that is large enough for the dog.

Keep in mind that this will be their place of refuge and rest so it needs to be a comfortable place for your dog to feel safe. With either place you decide, the puppy or dog should have full access to water.

Accessories for Dog Meals

The dog will need two bowls; a bowl for meals and another for drinking. Side by side dog bowls are fine. Like the bed the dog bowls should be somewhere quiet and away from areas with a lot of activity.

Many dogs can become quite violent and even bite if they think someone is going to remove their food before they have had a chance to eat it. Again, you want your dog to feel welcome and not feel rushed to eat or drink. This will also help to get both you and your dog on an eating schedule to make sure there is enough time allotted for meals.

Also, you will want to make sure that the sizes of the bowls are appropriate for your dog. The last thing you want is for your dog to be too small to reach their food or drink or the flipside if you have a large dog that doesn’t have enough to eat or drink this will cause a problem as well. With puppies, you may need to start them off with saucers until they start to grow large enough for bowls.

Accessories for the Dog to Play

You may not think something like a toy is really essential, but it is. Toys are excellent entertainment for the dog. In addition, puppies love to chew and bite things. It is better that your puppy or dog does not bite the furniture, slippers, pillows or anything else that is in its path. When you bring your dog home you will quickly see if your dog likes to chew so it is important to be prepared so your dog will have a variety of toys both hard and soft.

So, a few things to have on hand would be a thick rope with knots at the ends, a variety of doll type toys, rubber toys such as a ball, newspaper, Frisbee, bones both solid for chewing and hollow for snacks. Now if you get toys that squeak, well this can be both good and bad. Good that you will know where the dog is, bad when you hear squeaking at 2 am. Another thing is to get toys that are the right size for your dog so they can enjoy playing without injury.

You will want your dog to get used to biting their own toys. This is especially good for when you’re away from home. You do not want to come home to find your home is a wreck. Since chewing is an important part in their development, especially for a puppy you want them to get accustomed to what is yours and what is theirs in and around the home.

Accessories for Dog Walking

When you bring your puppy dog home you will also want to get a collar and leash that properly fits the size of your puppy so he or she will get used to wearing the collar. For a small puppy a nylon collar is excellent to start your puppy off with. You do not want the collar to be too tight since the puppy could choke or too loose where the puppy can slip out. One way to see if the collar is comfortable is to stick your finger between the neck of the puppy and the collar then you can adjust accordingly.

For a large or older dog a leather collar is fine. You need something that is strong and durable enough especially when it is time to train or take the dog for a walk. There are many varieties to choose from for collars, while you may opt for a harness that can be used on large and small dogs.

The leash will be for training and if you want to take your dog out in a non-fenced in area. You will want the leash to be a comfortable length for you and your puppy. This way your puppy will also get used to wearing a collar and leash. The will quickly learn limitations both inside and outside your home, but make sure it is an area where no other dogs have been. Young puppies can become ill if exposed to other dog leftovers, if you know what I mean.

By having the leash and collar on hand you will also be able to see how they adjust to wearing their new accessories. If you have a new puppy then you will want to let him play around with the collar on to get used to it. Just limit this activity when very young you will have plenty of time to work your way up to start basic dog training.

Dog ID Tags

One thing you can also get immediately is a ID tag to put on their collar. This is important in case your new dog gets out, since they most likely will get lost. Now you may be thinking that you have not come up with a name for your new puppy, not a problem.

A dog can have more than one tag so the first one should have your information on it so they can contact you in case your dog gets lost. This is also helpful so whoever finds the dog knows that it is not a stray. The next tag can have their name on it once you decide on one. There are many stylish tags to choose from in an assortment of colors.

Accessories for Dog Hygiene

Here are some accessories that you need to have in your home to keep your dog clean, healthy and well. They are various items for dental hygiene, for brushing and combing hair, cleaning products and this list can go on and on.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

The best way to get your puppy accustom to having their teeth brushed is to start right away this way your puppy will understand that this is a daily part of their schedule.

It is best to start with a small brush that is placed on the finger or with a cloth moistened with baking soda. There are also dental wipes available. The toothbrush should be introduced gradually. If you brought home an older dog you can use a toothbrush right away since you really don’t want to stick your finger into an older dog’s mouth.

You should never brush their teeth with human toothpaste. If you do not want to use baking soda there are a number of special toothpastes available for dogs. Human toothpaste creates too much foam and has a strong taste that is not pleasant for the dog.

The teeth should be cleaned gently and going from the gum towards the tip of the tooth.

Also, the brush you choose should be soft, so you do not hurt the dog. It may take time for your new dog to get used to this but done on as part of their routine, they will be fine.

Brush and Comb the dog

This practice is very important when it comes to keeping your dog clean and healthy. Brushing your dog not only to removes dead hairs from your dog, but it makes your dog’s hair will look shiny and bright.

As with brushing teeth, you will want the dog to become accustomed to sitting still to enjoy daily brushing or after the bath this is something that will be easier to achieve if you start shortly after you bring your puppy home. They will learn to enjoy it if you use care.

If you brought home an older dog this may be a bit more of a challenge. It is important to find out as much information about the dog as possible so you will know what to expect. This way they soon become accustomed to you and will be less likely to resist. How often this is done depends on the dogs coat too.

Brushing should be done before and after bathing. It is very important to brush before bathing your dog because if the dog has any knots or tangles, the dirt and the shampoo will remain between the mats, creating a problem by making the mats tighter. This can also cause skin problems or make matters worse if problems already exist. If this causes pain there will be an adverse affect in getting your dog used to you brushing and bathing him.

You need a special comb and brush for your dog and they must be used exclusively for your puppy. This is something you do not use a human brush for since dog brushes are made for a dog coat. Depending on if your dog’s size and coat will determine what type of comb and brush to get. Done properly, your dog will look forward to the grooming creating a great bonding opportunity.

Dog shampoo

Just about any mild no tears shampoo is fine for your puppy, unless your dog has fleas or a skin problem. In this case use a shampoo that is for your dog’s specific problem or one recommended by your veterinarian. There are also shampoos available that have a conditioner added so there is one less step while washing. Use a sponge or a soft brush to make sure the shampoo is evenly distributed. Wash the shampoo out of the sponge or soft brush to aid in the rinsing process.

When using a regular dog shampoo, it is best to dilute it. Most dog shampoos are very thick, making it difficult to distribute evenly and make a good lather. You can pour some shampoo into an empty bottle and pour small amounts of water until it reaches the desired consistency you want and rinse out completely.

There are also leave in products like powders, gels, colognes and deodorizers that help to minimize odors. Other accessories include scissors, clippers and de-matting tools that will aid in keeping your new pet looking great. If you do not feel comfortable using any of these accessories, there are dog groomers available at pet salons and pet stores that you can use. You can always get recommendations from the veterinarian or friends.

If you decide to do any grooming besides brushing, combing, or shampooing then you may want to get a kit with complete instructions on how to use the equipment. It can be tricky using electric clippers if your dog needs a special type of cut such as a poodle or when doing claw care especially if you have never done it before and you do not want to harm or scare your new pet. With either if you cut too close, it may be the last time your pet lets you do it.