Homemade Natural Diet for Your Dog

Have you ever noticed that when you are eating your dog sits there not begging but just sat there want what you have got? This way they usually eat what you are eating.

Using this method I have managed to get my dog to eat almost anything from a piece of fruit like an apple to a baby tomato. I feed my dog fruit and vegetables also.

It is not difficult to make a natural diet for your dog at home; you can make them home made biscuits which takes about 45 minutes. Give them a small serving of your foods providing that it is a healthy diet you are feeding them. If you do give your dog homemade food you will know what your dog is eating.

Always ask your vet for the best diet to feed your dog they can tell you. There are many different diets about for dog like the raw meat diet again asks your vet for advice on this.

Raw Meat

I do on the odd occasion give my dog a bit of raw meat from time to time but not every day probably twice a month as a treat. This raw diet does seem like a good idea because before we had all sorts of canned dog foods they used to eat raw meats with vegetables and grains so it is like a natural diet for them as nature intended.

Organic Fruits and Vegetales

If you wish to go that step further you can either grow your own vegetables or buy organic fruits and vegetables and organic meats. Everything these days is getting organic and you can find organic products in any big superstore and most local shops.

As a treat I give my dog an organic carrot to chew on he love them, also an ice cube which doesn’t last long and then he runs around the house for 5 minutes, I think it is the same feel us humans get when you rush eating an ice cream it goes straight to your brain the coldness. These little natural treats will not alter their diet and the dogs think they are getting a treat and it is all good for them it’s a win win situation.

Homemade Dog Biscuits

Try making your own dog biscuits made from organic ingredients, there are books about dog biscuit recipes all made from organic foods which you have in your weekly shopping. The recipes are a simple mix and bake recipes that take a maximum of 45 minutes to make. I make some biscuits at the beginning of the week and I make enough to last him a week and I know what goes in them and how many to give him a day. As well as the dog biscuits I give him raw carrots and plenty of water and some fruit like an apple.

Remember to take the amount of carrots off of the daily diet because we don’t want to be giving our dogs carrots as treats during the day and in the dinner bowl as well.

The best diet to feed your dog is the natural food diet, speak to your vet for the right foods and amounts to feed your dog because you may be feeding them too much and they will become fat on the other hand if you are not feeding your dog enough nutrition they won’t fill out properly and will not have any antibodies to fight off any infections. Feeding your dog the right foods are just as important.

Does the Dog’s Diet Affect Their Deposits?

Remember what goes in will also come out and it is not very nice but examining your dog’s excretion will show you if your dog is in good health. What foods you give your dog will affect their deposits other factors that will also affect their deposits are illness, nerves and the weather, very similar to us.

Being a responsible pet owner cleaning up after your dog has made a deposit isn’t the most pleasant experience but is necessary. I always carry a plastic bag out with me when I take my dog out for a walk. If you feed your dog the right diet it makes this messy job much easier to deal with.

Treats such as rawhide bones or chews can change your dog’s deposits. It is best to monitor how the treats affect their system, avoid giving your dog treats that makes their excrement runny it is neither easy nor pleasant to clean those deposits up. These treats will also show you how healthy the treats are for your dog.

Choosing to give your dog a balanced diet that has all the good qualities in will show a difference in their deposits and although cleaning their deposits is not on top of the list it does make it easier to clean up. Another good thing about giving your dog a balanced diet is there will be less mess in your yard or garden.

Feed Your Dog on Schedule

Just like us it is important to feed your pet on schedule to keep everything in harmony. Watch what you feed your dog and when you feed them keep it regular. Dog get used to certain patterns for example feed your dog 3 times a day, in the morning again around dinner times and again in the evening, you dog will know its feeding time and remind you if you forget what time it is.

This method is also applied to potty training. Take your dog out every 30 minutes to an hour for about 10 minutes and let them have a good sniff around and hopefully they will start a leave their deposits outside.

Making your dog eat right is the first step to maintaining a healthy diet for your dog. Knowing what you put in their food has many advantages, gets them into a routine, looks after their insides and helps fight off infections, it also makes their deposits much easier to deal with.