10 Fun Games to Play with Your Dog

1. Fetch Fetch is a classic game that every dog loves to play. All you have to do is find a toy they are familiar with and toss it. This is also a great first game to teach your dog, as so many other games rely on their knowing how to retrieve. To begin, at … Read more

Obedience Training for Dogs at Home

Many issues surround dogs, especially young dogs, that influence your dog’s behavior, like separation anxiety – from a mother, confrontation with a pack of other dogs, natural dissaster – would often distress young dogs thrown out of sync with family life. Distressed dogs cry in a separation situation, bark, chew, or do a lot of … Read more

What is the Breed Standard for a Dachshund?

Have you ever wondered why all dogs from a breed look alike? Why they all have similar personalities and temperaments? Why you can count on all dogs from a certain breed to have so much in common? This is due to breed standards. Breed standards are the reasons you can count on a Dachshund to … Read more