How to Take Care of a German Shepherd

German shepherds are easy dogs to care for. They need plenty of exercise, regular veterinary care, good food and regular grooming, but they don’t have a number of special needs that some other breeds do. The Right Food What you feed your German shepherd will affect its health. Initially, you should use the food that … Read more

Top Factors to Consider When Buying a Dog

In case you intend to buy a dog to begin training from scratch, there are certain factors you should put into consideration in order to ensure that both you and your dog are a good match. These are issues which are related to helping you decide which dog breed is best for you, where to … Read more

Top 5 Small, Medium and Large Dog Breeds

When selecting a breed of dog, particularly for the first time, it is important to do some research into the breed of dog that is suitable for you, your family and your home. There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs, each with their own temperament, characters and needs. With more and more people leading … Read more

What is the Breed Standard for a Dachshund?

Have you ever wondered why all dogs from a breed look alike? Why they all have similar personalities and temperaments? Why you can count on all dogs from a certain breed to have so much in common? This is due to breed standards. Breed standards are the reasons you can count on a Dachshund to … Read more