German Shepherd

German Shepherd Care Guide: Food, Grooming, Bathing and More

German shepherds are easy dogs to care for. They need plenty of exercise, regular veterinary care, good food and regular grooming, but they don’t have a number of special needs that some other breeds do. The Right Food What you feed your German shepherd will affect its health. Initially, you should use the food that …

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How to Choose the Right German Shepherd for Yourself

After you decide that a German shepherd is the right dog for you, you need to find just the right individual. Research carefully, as you can expect to have this canine companion for many years. Buying From Breeders A responsible breeder is your best option for a puppy and sometimes for an adult. A breeder …

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The Complete Guide on How to Train German Shepherd Dog

Training is an important aspect of pet ownership, especially when it comes to dogs. But when you’re talking about a powerful animal such as the German Shepherd, training become essential. You need to become the authority figure for your pet and they need to learn to listen and obey your commands. Fortunately German Shepherds take …

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