Basic Dog Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Trick training, along with being flashy, stimulates the dog physically and mentally. It also gives the owner something to do with his dog, and that increases the quality time spent between the two. So, there are a lot of reasons why we do it and that’s part of why I am talking about it today. … Read more

Top Toys for Dogs Home Alone during the Day

Many dog owners work during the day. For dogs, that represents “downtime” in both physical and mental activity. The “downtime” can turn into destructive time for the dog. If you look at controlling the destructive behavior, as simply finding ways to challenge the dog’s intellect, the dog will benefit, and you will be amazed at … Read more

10 Fun Games to Play with Your Dog

1. Fetch Fetch is a classic game that every dog loves to play. All you have to do is find a toy they are familiar with and toss it. This is also a great first game to teach your dog, as so many other games rely on their knowing how to retrieve. To begin, at … Read more