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7 Equipment to Housebreak Your Dog in a Hurry

Just like a cobbler needs certain tools to make shoes and a carpenter needs his hammer and saw to build a house, so does the professional dog trainer and amateur dog owner to get maximum results in minimal time. The main tools you’ll need for house training your dog (in no particular order) are: A …

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Top Toys for Dogs Home Alone during the Day

Many dog owners work during the day. For dogs, that represents “downtime” in both physical and mental activity. The “downtime” can turn into destructive time for the dog. If you look at controlling the destructive behavior, as simply finding ways to challenge the dog’s intellect, the dog will benefit, and you will be amazed at …

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5 Common Types of Dog Training Collars

Training collars are an effective means of training your dog to teach good behavior and obedience. It is necessary to your dog accustom to using a regular collar, before a training collar, so they get used to it. You should not make the mistake of putting on the collar only when you’re going to take …

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Essential Accessories for Your New Puppy or Dog

Your new puppy dog is home. You may not know everything that is needed for your new friend to find comfort. You do want the newest member of your family to feel comfortable in his or her new home right? Relax… because you will soon know what is needed to care for your dog so …

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10 Essential Dog Training Aids and Tools

Whatever the plan you have for your dog, there are several training aids and tools that can make the dog training process a lot easier on the dog owner and the dog itself because these tools will help the pooch understand clearly what is expected of it by the owner. In this article, we will …

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