7 Signs that Tell Your Dog is Stressed

After learning that dogs do feel a certain level of stress too, it is time to find out how to read signs that your dogs might be feeling stressed out. There are actually a variety of behavioral changes that the dogs may show. Again, these are simple signs that may indicate stress or an illness, … Read more

4 Common Causes of Stress in Dogs

Dogs are energetic furry animals. They love their masters, play with them, cuddle with them and some even let their dogs sleep with them. They pretty much act and work in a routinely manner too. In fact, they do live in routines and schedule: they know when they should eat, when their masters will come … Read more

Understanding Separation Anxiety in Dogs and Curing it

Separation anxiety can be a hard problem to diagnose and a difficult problem to treat. It’s hard to diagnose because so many owners believe that their dogs have separation anxiety when they don’t. It is difficult to treat because, when a dog actually has separation anxiety, the behavior is hard to stop. What Is Separation … Read more

Proper Sarcoptic Mange Treatment in Dogs

Demodectic mange can begin as a localized infestation and then develop into a greater generalized case with multiple hair-loss sites all over the dog’s head, legs, and body. This is a far more serious condition and does require your immediate attention. The dog’s skin is now very sore, crusty, and oozing; the hair follicles are … Read more