How to Prepare For Potty Training a Puppy

Potty training a puppy is easy, the problem with the process are us humans, we either get lazy or unforeseen things just happen that disrupts the routine and it is for those moments that you need to prepare.

In order to prevent your home from smelling like puppy poo you need to stock up on the following basic items to help you slide through the training process with ease.

Puppies are like new born babies; Innocent and unique. Whatever goes wrong or is not to our liking gives us an opportunity to learn something new and unique about the new puppy.

Studying your new puppy’s Zodiac sign will give you more insight in the personality that you will be dealing with and equip you with some insight into bringing out the best in your puppy. This type of documentation usually includes valuable information such as birthstone and its healing properties helping you choose the best jewellery for your puppy.

Some Zodiac guides will also give you information on the colour that will bring out the best in the personality that you will be dealing with; all this information will equip you to build a strong bond between you and your puppy setting you both up for a lasting successful relationship.

The breed makes up some of the things that are important to take into consideration when you prepare for the new family member, but just like us humans, dogs have personalities of their own irrespective of breed and keeping that in mind will help you to achieve massive success, joy and confidence in your choice, it will also improve your verbal and non-verbal communication skills with your puppy.

Stain and Odour Removers

Stain and odour removers are one of the first things you need to get during the potty training process. It is foreseeable that your puppy might have a mishap in and around your home, and it will remember that spot unless you quickly scrub away the spots and stains. The scent is a particularly important thing to get rid of as well, so make sure your cleaner can also get rid of smells.

The majority of 100% essential oils are antiseptics and bactericides which mean they inhibit the growth of bacteria while making your house smell great. (Not potpourri flavourings)

The following essential oils are great bacteria busters that also remove smells and are friendly to the environment.

  • Cinnamon.
  • Clove.
  • Lemon.
  • Eucalyptus.
  • Lavender.
  • Pine.
  • Niaouli.
  • Tea Tree.
  • Thyme

Add 2 drops of any one of the above essential oils to 2 cups of warm water add a tablespoon of salt let the salt dissolve and clean the area.

You may also prepare your own special mix in a separate bottle and use 2 drops of that to your cleaning water.

You may also add the essential oils to white vinegar for an eco-friendly great smelling disinfectant.

Remember with essential oils less is sometimes more, take the time to study the pros and cons of every essential oil carefully before you use it on your puppy and do remember that dogs have very sensitive smelling equipment and essential oils are very concentrated, use it sparingly.

One drop of lavender pure essential oil mixed with one teaspoon of carrier oil and rubbed onto the inside of your puppy’s ears will relax your puppy and three drops of lavender pure essential oil mixed with one teaspoon of carrier oil will invigorate your puppy.

Lavender is one of nature’s miracles and it works for almost anything from cuts and bruises to spider bites and nervousness, keep lavender in the house as part of your emergency kit to help your new puppy settle down, travelling and more.

Old Newspapers And Sea Salt

Newspapers can help you soak up some of the urine or gather up the poo. Sea salt poured on to the wet spot will soak up the urine and disinfects the area as well as remove the smell.

Wait till the salt is dry then wipe up the urine saturated salt, use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the rest of the salt, this works extremely well on carpets.

“Every child will benefit from loving and owning a puppy, you will learn all you need to know about successful relationships and that is the key to happiness”

Pre-treated potty training pads

A huge variety of puppy potty-training supplies are available to puppy owners, including pre-treated trays and pads. For puppy owners choosing to not utilize a crate for the puppy training process, a pre-treated pad will work as a successful changeover stage.

Place scented pads (over a hardwood or tile floor) in a common room area that is away from where your puppy will sleep at night. The fragrant pads will encourage your puppy to go to the bathroom in the specified area.

As the training process progresses, move the pre-treated pads or trays closer to the door. As your puppy continues to successfully respond in the desired way, move the pads into the back yard. Eventually, your puppy will learn to go outside when it needs to go to the bathroom.

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Crate or Cage

If you choose to use the crate or gage method, then you need to keep a crate or cage that matches the puppy’s size and gives it a little room to move around in. Dogs do not like to excrete on their sleeping area. Keeping them in a crate or cage as you sleep or leave the house forces them to hold in it, but do it wisely.

Always ask yourself can I hold in for that long?

Have you ever experienced “having to go” and someone else is taking too long, feeling the sweat running down your spine and your bladder cramping so badly that you want break down the door?

Remember your puppy is a brand new baby, which has just been removed from its mommy; always remember that and you will raise a beautiful dog-child that will enrich your life for many years.

Cage training without thought will cause health problems for your puppy and huge vet bills for you, with a puppy comes fun but also responsibility; before you acquire this new promise of joy do ask yourself are you willing to also take the responsibility?

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Patience, Attention and Praise

Even if you have a crate, cage or pre-treated pads to use, you are still going to need a lot of time and attention to ensure that the potty training process is successful.

All the gadgets and things in the world will not work unless a loving and caring human is there to guide your puppy through all the stages of puppyhood establishing the foundation of a great dog and companion and wonderful memories as a family member.

The more attention the puppy receives the more intelligent is seem to become, but in reality you are just exposing what is already there. Stupid puppies do not exists only wrong training and miscommunication exists that leads to misconceptions and perceived failure.

The more time you spend with your puppy, the better you will know and understand your puppy the more effective the choices will be that you make on behalf of your puppy, from the trainer to the colour of this winter’s coat and everything in between.

If you know and observe your puppy well, you will know which kind of questions to ask a trainer in order for you to make an informed choice; you will not just rely on the recommendation of friends, advertisements and newspaper write-ups.

You will be in control of the happiness and success of your puppy which is ultimately your success and happiness too. A happy puppy or dog is like a happy child a pleasure to have and enjoy but the opposite is also true. Time invested in your puppy is time well spent.

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